Additional Issues Your Office Will Have To Take Care Of Before Moving

Posted on: 20 January 2017

If your office is in the process of arranging for a relocation to another state, and you've got employees going with you, you've got a lot of work ahead. However, it doesn't have to be difficult work. Moving companies that offer relocation help can make the move a lot simpler. However, you'll still have to be on the lookout for issues that you have to take care of before you move, lest they trip you and your employees up.


If your employees are going with you to the new state, they will need lodging when they first get there. If the moving company you're working with offers relocation services (not just the actual moving, but the planning and paperwork stages as well), they should be able to find corporate apartments or extended stays for everyone going over. However, those can quickly grow to be too expensive to sustain for long.

Before you move everyone over, start scoping out complexes where people could live for a few months as they learn what different neighborhoods are like in the new city. That way the employees and their families can move into the temporary housing set up by the relocation service, choose their next housing from those complexes (they'll have a better chance of qualifying if they show up in person to see the complexes instead of trying to arrange for regular housing from out of state), and then stay in those for a while until they decide where in the city they finally want to settle.


Offices benefit from having live plants, which make the environment more peaceful and in some cases literally cleaner. However, if your company is moving to another state, you may have to leave those plants behind and get new ones at the new location. Due to pest prevention regulations, many plants can't cross state lines even if you can buy the same species of plant in both states. The plant from the old state could have pests on it that the new state doesn't want brought in. Agriculture laws vary greatly between states, so there's no one guide you can use. Tell the movers (before moving day) which plants you have in the office so that the movers can check whether the plants will be allowed to cross state lines.


Does any of the work in your office require that employees have state-issued licenses or certifications? If so, those may have to change before the office moves to the new state. Well before the move, check into reciprocity (meaning that a license from one state would be accepted in another) or re-licensing requirements, and have employees who are moving go through those processes to ensure they can continue to work once you get to the new state.

Relocating an entire office plus staff across state lines does not have to be very complicated. Working with a relocation moving service and moving company makes the whole trip a lot easier.