Should You Hire Movers For A Local Move?

Posted on: 9 March 2022

Many people hire professional movers to assist them when relocating to another state or any long distance. Hiring professionals for a local move is also an option. 

Before you hire local movers, answer the following questions to prepare. 

What's your budget?

When you contact a local moving company, they'll want to know your budget for the job. Depending on what you can afford, they might offer different services. They might be able to work with smaller budgets by removing unnecessary extras. They could provide you with more perks if you have a large budget. 

How big is the move?

How much stuff do you need to move? The size of the moving truck, the number of trucks needed, and the number of movers required will all be determined by how large the job will be. Some companies will have you make a little video to show your belongings so they can estimate the job size.

Where is the new home located?

The movers you hire will need to know the location of your new home as early as possible. This information will help them decide the best routes to take and figure out how long it will take to make multiple trips if necessary. If there are any foreseeable issues, like rough road conditions or a lack of parking in the new location, you should let your movers know so they can find solutions.  

Do all items fit through doorways?

Do you have any huge items that are difficult or impossible to take apart? If an item can't fit through the doorways or windows of your new home, you might need to figure out another solution. In extreme cases, you might have to remove a wall or part ways with the item. 

Do you need to supervise or assist in the process?

Professional movers will have systems in place to pack, organize, and safely transport your belongings. If you want or need to supervise the move or handle certain items yourself, let the moving company know beforehand, as it can mess up their flow.  

Any precautions needed for valuable or important items?

Do you have any belongings that you want the movers to keep extra safe? It could be a fragile, valuable item or something that's been passed down through your family. If so, you should let the movers know so they can take note of it.

Contact local movers to learn more.