Renting A Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Maximize Item Protection

Posted on: 24 August 2022

After filling your home's storage space, you may decide that a storage unit rental is an ideal solution. So, you may want to start looking around at local storage facilities. Your main concern may revolve around protecting your items, which you may feel confident about doing at home.

A storage unit can provide exceptional protection for all your possessions when you get the right features and qualities with your rental.

Climate Control

Prioritizing climate control is a smart plan that will give you peace of mind to store anything. While you may plan on storing durable items that can handle harsh conditions, you may also like to store delicate belongings. Climate control protects against extreme temperatures and humidity levels, both of which can cause damage or even destruction to sensitive possessions.

Many climate-controlled units are inside buildings, making it easy to narrow down your facility search to ones with storage buildings.

Pest Control

Some facilities provide pest control with all their rentals. Simultaneously, you will find places that offer pest control for an extra charge, along with the unit rental. Both of these options can work well to protect your belongings, and the total price can be lower in either scenario. A smart move is to ask about pest control and what methods they use to prevent pest problems.

Ideally, you want a detailed answer about their efforts. Facilities may be able to provide proof of preventive efforts through pest control company signatures on service dates.


Preventing your items from being stolen or vandalized is something you can accomplish with thorough security analysis. A great example is prioritizing facilities that put in flood lights, surveillance cameras, and access-control gates. You can take it further by looking for on-site surveillance guards around the clock who can keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

One way to improve your unit's security is by renting a unit in a building, on an upper floor, and down a hallway. When you make it somewhat long and difficult for a potential thief to reach your unit, you can feel confident about reducing the chance of them targeting yours.

Another benefit is that security guards will have an easier time watching over a building with only one or two entrances compared to an entire outdoor area.

Apply these strategies and tips when searching for a storage unit to pick a place where you feel confident about protecting your belongings.