3 Questions To Ask A Moving Company To Determine How Eco-Friendly Their Practices Are

Posted on: 28 April 2017

If you recycle and reuse as much as possible on a day-to-basis, it's reasonable for you to want the movers who will be packing and transporting your items to your new home to engage in similarly environmentally responsible choices. Therefore, when you want to verify that your understanding of eco-friendly moving practices is the same as the professionals with whom you are entrusting your belongings, it's a good idea to ask the following questions and know what answers you'd like to hear.

#1-What Kind Of Boxes Are Used?

It's important to note that although there are several eco-friendly ways to pack your belongings, the two most common will usually be recycled plastic or paper. Recycled plastic is often a better choice for environmentally responsible moves because experienced packers are usually good judges of what can and cannot fit into a box. That means that the plastic units will frequently last longer than their cardboard counterparts, even if the cardboard in question is reinforced.

However, recycled plastic boxes are not yet used by all movers, so recycled cardboard boxes or previously used units are still a viable and acceptable option for eco-friendly moves.  

#2-What Kind Of Packing Materials Are Used In The Boxes To Prevent Damage?   

While most people probably know that limiting the movement within boxes is essential to protect the items from being damaged, eco-friendly movers will often use clean towels, rags, sheets etc. to fill up the unused area. Standard movers will frequently use standard packing paper that may not survive in good condition to be re-used again for the next client.

Unfortunately, given that the fragility of packing paper doesn't always easily lend itself to multiple uses, it would be hard to classify their use as an environmentally responsible decision. 

#3-What Type Of Vehicles Are Used For Moving?

It's pretty obvious that a hybrid minivan or even a hybrid crew cab truck won't be big enough to move your belongings unless you're moving nearby and don't mind making many, many trips back and forth. However, it's logical to expect that an environmentally responsible moving company will have trucks that meet or exceed stringent emissions requirements and that their vehicles get good gas mileage.  

Since vehicles that don't speed are often known to have better gas mileage than their speeding counterparts, don't be afraid to ask what the average and maximum speed limits are for the moving trucks. Just because the truck is in Texas, where it's permitted in some areas to drive up to 85 miles per hour, doesn't mean that the moving truck needs to go anywhere near that speed.  

In conclusion, in today's world, it's clear that everyone needs to do their part to protect the planet and its limited natural resources. As a result, asking the above questions and understanding the importance of the answers will help you choose a moving company.

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