Three Surprising Items That Are Actually Difficult To Pack And Move

Posted on: 7 June 2017

No matter if you are moving across the country or to a new home in your existing neighborhood, changing residences can be challenging. While most people know the difficulties of this task, certain surprises may still arise before and during the moving process. Packing clothes and dishes can be overwhelming, but there are no surprises to this part of moving. However, certain items can be surprisingly difficult to handle on moving day. With this guide, you will learn how to prepare and transport a few surprising items when the time comes.


Most people do not even realize they want to move plants until the actual day of the move. You may have potted plants, which have been kept inside your home or an outdoor living space, or plants that you want to dig up from your yard and bring to install at your new residence.

Before making any decisions about these plants, contact your moving professionals to determine if they will transport these items to your new residence. Considering some professionals will not move live objects, you may be responsible for moving your plants yourself.

Pay attention to the pot of your plant when moving. If your plant is potted in a ceramic or porcelain planter, it may break during the move. Consider replanting your tree or shrub in a plastic container a few weeks before your move. This will give the plant time to adjust to its new container before experiencing the stress of changing locations.

If you are selling your home, you should not dig up any plants on the property, since these will belong to the new owners. If you have permission to take the plants, remove from the ground and pack the plant into a large bag or pot filled with soil.

Do not transport the plants in excessively hot or cold temperatures. This will shock the plant's system, decreasing its chance of success when establishing it in its new environment.

Framed Art/Photos

Moving artwork and framed photos can also be surprisingly difficult, since you will want to keep valuable and sentimental pieces safe and secure at all times. Consider hiring professionals that offer the experience and skills needed to pack and transport valuable pieces of art and framed photos that may hold priceless sentimental value to you and your family.

Wrapping your art and photos in bubble wrap and placing in a large box is not sufficient. Specialized packing should be conducted on your framed art and photos. Each piece should be wrapped in a buffered, acid-free paper and then covered in a thick layer of bubble wrap. Tape should never be used to secure the paper or wrap into place, since the adhesive may damage the frame, artwork, or photo. After being wrapped, the framed pieces can be placed in a crate filled with packing peanuts for added protection.

Since it only takes one small bump to shatter and damage the glass of a framed piece of art or photo, you may want to consider hiring movers that offer specialized insurance coverage. For a few dollars for every $1000 in value, this extra insurance will protect the physical value of your valuable pieces.

Outdoor Grill

Most people are also surprised to learn how difficult it is to move an outdoor grill. Rolling a gas or charcoal grill onto the moving truck may seem simple, but steps must be taken to protect the grill from damaging your other belongings.

Spend some time cleaning the interior and exterior of your grill before moving day. Dispose leftover charcoal and pack cooking utensils and grill accessories in a separate box. If transporting a gas grill, unscrew the propane tank and take it to a nearby disposal/exchange facility, since movers will not transport this hazardous item.

Secure the lid onto the grill using tie down straps. This will prevent the lid from opening and closing during the move. Unlock the wheels before moving it onto the truck, but make sure to lock the wheels in place once it is loaded. Secure the entire grill to the truck using bungee cords, which will prevent the wheel from rolling during the move.

Proper planning can reduce the time and stress of your moving experience. By understanding the difficult nature of these items, you will know what to do to prepare for an efficient, effective move. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like