How To Pack Like A Professional

Posted on: 15 October 2017

Packing up the entire house can be quite a big job. You probably never imagined how much stuff you had until you began packing. All of your things will take some time to pack up, so be sure to begin packing as soon as possible - don't wait until the last minute. It may seem like an easy task to pack up your belongings, but it actually requires some careful planning. See below for tips to pack like a pro:

Invest In New Boxes

Be sure to purchase new boxes to pack up your belongings. Old boxes aren't as sturdy and could break, leaving your belongings broken or damaged. Old boxes can also sink into one another if they have been overused. Look for new boxes from your local moving company or at a shipping or storage company nearby. You can find multiple box styles that can help you with your packing, such as glassware boxes or wardrobe boxes. Purchase boxes of all sizes to help you as well. Check with these companies for other items to make your move a little easier such as mattress bags or plastic to cover sofas and other upholstery.

Fill Boxes Completely

Fill up the boxes completely so when you stack your boxes on top of each other they do not fall into one another. Filling the boxes will also cut back on the amount of boxes you have. Be sure to place heavy objects in smaller boxes to make them easier to carry, such as with books. If you have a large box full of books it may be nearly impossible for you to lift. 

Mark All Boxes With Specific Content And Inventory Your Items

Be sure to write on each and every box what is inside, not just the room where it belongs. Write what is in the box as well such as "Office" and then "office supplies" or "computer, power strip and power cords." This will help you when you are looking for something specific so you aren't looking through multiple boxes to find one item. Also be sure to inventory your belongings. This helps protect you in the event you have a box missing. Your inventory list should also be given to your movers, which will protect them as well.

Moving your entire house is a big job. Ask your moving company about having your belongings packed up for you. The cost may be worth all that extra work. A professional moving company like Bell Moving & Storage can pack up your home much quicker than you can, and they have the boxes and supplies needed to make it an easy job.