How Movers Ensure Packing Efficiency In A Moving Truck

Posted on: 12 September 2018

Packing is one of the hardest things to do when moving. Sure, it is easy if all you want to do is to throw your things at the back of the truck. However, it becomes difficult if you want to pack the items efficiently to maximize space usage and protect your items during the move. Here are some of the ways professional movers do it.

Disassemble Large Items

Large items should be disassembled first before being loaded onto the truck. Things like large pieces of furniture (such as couches and beds) will occupy unnecessarily large spaces if they are loaded without disassembly. Not only that but failing to disassemble the large items may also increase their risk of damage since they won't be stable.

Heavy Items First

Ensure the heavy items go in first so that they can occupy the lower parts of the truck. This is important for stabilizing the tuck; it lowers the effective center of gravity of the packed truck. You increase the risk of truck rollover if you place the heavy items at the top of the lighter ones.

Distribute the Weight

Although you should ensure the heavy items go in first, take care not to bundle them to one side the truck. You need the weight of the load to be distributed evenly around the truck to make it easy to control. Therefore, as you take in your heavy items first, place some at the front and back of the truck as well as long the truck walls. This will ensure the truck doesn't lean towards one side when executing corners.

Secure the Load with Moving Straps

You don't want your items or moving boxes moving around at the back of the truck once you hit the road. Apart from the risk of damage to the items, it may also interfere with the weight distribution of the load and cause truck instability. Therefore, secure the load with moving straps so that they don't shift in transit. The strapping is best done one section for the truck at a time during loading.

Make Use of the Vertical Space

Lastly, make sure you make use of the vertical space in the truck to maximize space usage. A neat trick here is to place tall or long items upright so that they don't occupy valuable floor space. Things like tables, ladders, and headboards are some of the items best transported in their upright positions

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