Three Helpful Hints When Putting Clothing Into A Self Storage Unit

Posted on: 27 October 2020

The biggest benefit of having a self-storage unit is the ability to reduce clutter in the home. The current changing of the season is the ideal time to remove summer clothing from your home as it will not be worn for the next six months. However, before you pack up your seasonal garb ready for the storage facility, use these three helpful hints to ensure your clothing comes out of the storage unit in the same condition that it went in.

One Final Wash

All clothing must be washed before being packed for storage. It does not matter if the clothing has not been worn in some time. Clothing fabric absorbs odors including those of clothes hanging next to them. If these smells are not removed before storage then the smell could become permanently engrained in the fibers. Additionally, the final wash removes body oils, sweat, and perfumes attached to the fabric. These hidden liquids lead to fungus growth like mildew and mold if not removed before storage. Only clean clothes should enter a storage facility if you expect them to remain in good condition.

No Plastic Bags For Storage

Plastic bags appeal for clothing storage because they can be slipped over clothing hangers without fuss. However, just because they are easy does not mean they are a good choice. Moisture can become trapped between the plastic bag and your clothing and that is another source of mold and mildew growth. Plastic storage tubs are a much better choice because they protect the clothing from moisture and dust thanks to their lockable lids. Additionally, plastic tubs are easy to stack inside the storage unit. Choose dark-colored tubs to ensure your clothing is not faded by light.

Say No To Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags appeal to storage unit users because they take up much less room than boxes or storage tubs. The problem with vacuum bags is you are reducing the lifespan of your clothing by using them. Wool and cotton are natural fibers used to make clothing and these fibers need air around them to "breathe." Vacuum bags have all the air removed from them and this causes the natural fibers to break down. Secondly, the pressure of the vacuum bag against clothing fabric can lead to permanent wrinkles or creases.

Using these three helpful hints it is time to prepare your summer clothes for a stay at your self-storage unit. This gives you much more room in your wardrobe for your bulky winter coats and keeps your summer clothes in great condition ready to be worn again next year. If you're looking for a service, consider a service like Blanco Self Storage.